Heli Kauhanen

Heli Kauhanen is a jewellery and small-crafts designer, an entrepreneur with a Master's Degree in Arts. She has been interested in arts and crafts since her childhood and this has played a major role in her youth, in both her free time and studies. She continued her studies in the Lahti Institute of Design in many different subjects during which she gained solid and wide technical knowledge and a full understanding of the goldsmith's profession. Later on she continued her studies and gained a Master's degree in Arts at the University of Arts and Design in Helsinki. This deepened her artistic approach and strengthened her personal touch. Heli has over 10 years of experience as a designer and an entrepreneur.

At the moment Heli is working for her own design company, Spoonfull Design. In addition to that she works as a freelance designer for Prime Design and teaches design in both the Lahti Institute of Design and the Salpaus Advanced Education Institute.

A link to Heli's CV is HERE.